Jarndyce Single-Volume Nineteenth-Century Novel Collection, 1823-1914

Jarndyce has specialised in 18th and 19th century English Literature and History since 1969. Most of our catalogues include three-decker novels, first editions and reprints of Victorian fiction. Our most used bibliographies are Sadleir and Wolff.

For most of our forty years in business we have also bought and sold major and minor poetry published during our period. Libraries have become increasingly interested in 'background' verse by minor poets, their writings reflecting the trends and fashions of the century. Indeed, Stanford purchased a collection of minor poetry from our good friends Chris and Michelle Kohler.

Partly as a response to this widening interest, we decided to accumulate 'minor' one-volume novels - from a period when the mainstream was dominated by two and three deckers and novels published in weekly or monthly parts. The total number in the single volume novel collection has now risen above 2,000 with just under 1,500 'Not in Wolff'. It is both a remarkable collection of minor fiction and a history of 19th century publishers’ bindings.

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Online 3. Strad : and other stories [1907]

Online 4. Down by the western sea [1905]

Online 11. Justine, or, A woman's honour [1901]

Online 13. Possibilities [1901]

Online 16. A case of blackmail [1900]

Online 20. Ford's Folly, Ltd. [1900]