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1. Blockchain-Enabled Cybersecurity Provision for Scalable Heterogeneous Network: A Comprehensive Survey.

4. Review: machine and deep learning methods in Malaysia for COVID-19.

5. A novel global MPPT technique to enhance maximum power from PV systems under variable atmospheric conditions.

7. The impact of using a turbulator at the nanofluid flow inlet to cool a solar panel in the presence of phase change materials using artificial intelligence.

10. Machine Learning and Synthetic Minority Oversampling Techniques for Imbalanced Data: Improving Machine Failure Prediction.

11. Neural Machine Translation Models with Attention-Based Dropout Layer.

12. Cost Optimization and Energy Management of a Microgrid Including Renewable Energy Resources and Electric Vehicles

13. Maximum power point tracking technique based on variable step size with sliding mode controller in photovoltaic system.

14. Accuracy Analysis of Deep Learning Methods in Breast Cancer Classification: A Structured Review.

20. Detection of Toxic Content on Social Networking Platforms Using Fine Tuned ULMFiT Model.


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