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1. Implications of computer science theory for the simulation hypothesis

2. Game Mining: How to Make Money from those about to Play a Game

3. Memory Systems, the Epistemic Arrow of Time, and the Second Law

4. The Past as a Stochastic Process

5. Stochastic thermodynamics of multiple co-evolving systems -- beyond multipartite processes

7. Entropy production in communication channels

8. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of uncertain stochastic processes

9. Stochastic Mathematical Systems

10. Thermodynamics of deterministic finite automata operating locally and periodically

11. What can we know about that which we cannot even imagine?

12. Combining lower bounds on entropy production in complex systems with multiple interacting components

15. The Past as a Stochastic Process

17. Thermodynamic speed limits for co-evolving systems

18. Entropy production given constraints on the energy functions

19. The Implications of the No-Free-Lunch Theorems for Meta-induction

20. Thermodynamics of nonequilibrium systems with uncertain parameters


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