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1. An energy-efficient cluster routing for internet of things-enabled wireless sensor network using mapdiminution-based training-discovering optimization algorithm.

2. TUBER: Time-aware UAV-based energy-efficient reconfigurable routing scheme for smart wireless livestock sensor network.

3. Outage performance and energy efficiency optimization of wireless-powered millimeter-wave sensor networks.

4. Edge Computing and Sensor-Cloud: Overview, Solutions, and Directions.

5. Performance analysis of multi-layered clustering network using fault tolerance multipath routing protocol (MRP-FT) in a wireless sensor network (WSN).

6. Analysis of MAP/G/1 queue with inventory as the model of the node of wireless sensor network with energy harvesting.

7. Energy efficient gateway based routing with maximized node coverage in a UAV assisted wireless sensor network.

8. Routing protocols based on node selection for freely floating underwater wireless sensor networks: a survey.

9. Examining the effect of intellectual devices for healthiness using flower bee algorithm.

10. Multi-agent-based smart power management for remote health monitoring.

12. A secured industrial wireless iot sensor network enabled quick transmission of data with a prototype study.

13. Underwater clustering based hybrid routing protocol using fuzzy ELM and hybrid ABC techniques.

14. Enhanced energy efficient sleep awake aware intelligent sensor network routing protocol for wireless sensor network.

15. Integrity assured multi-functional multi-application secure data aggregation in wireless sensor networks (IAMFMA-SDA).

16. Energy consumption optimization method of wireless sensor information collection network for new energy scheduling.


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