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8. A preliminary study on the use of 10Be in forensic radioecology of nuclear explosion sites

9. An antiboy antibody? Re-examination of the maternal immune hypothesis

10. Systematics of radon at the Wairakei geothermal region, New Zealand

11. Lichens as biomonitors of geothermal radionuclide pollution

14. Separation of Ra and Th from rock matrices for alpha-spectrometry

15. A study of corrosion products using a cocktail of radionuclides

17. The elemental content of Niue Island soils as an indicator of their origin

18. Mobility of trace elements and leaching rates of rhyolitic glass shards from some New Zealand tephra deposits

19. Comment on: a new model for the origin of the anomalous radioactivity in Niue Island (South pacific) soils. Reply


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