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1. Unified Dynamic Scanpath Predictors Outperform Individually Trained Neural Models

2. Inverse Kinematics for Neuro-Robotic Grasping with Humanoid Embodied Agents

3. Comparing Apples to Oranges: LLM-powered Multimodal Intention Prediction in an Object Categorization Task

4. Diffusing in Someone Else's Shoes: Robotic Perspective Taking with Diffusion

5. Large Language Models for Orchestrating Bimanual Robots

6. Human Impression of Humanoid Robots Mirroring Social Cues

7. The Emotional Dilemma: Influence of a Human-like Robot on Trust and Cooperation

9. Causal State Distillation for Explainable Reinforcement Learning

10. Read Between the Layers: Leveraging Intra-Layer Representations for Rehearsal-Free Continual Learning with Pre-Trained Models

12. Accelerating Reinforcement Learning of Robotic Manipulations via Feedback from Large Language Models

13. Visually Grounded Continual Language Learning with Selective Specialization

14. From Neural Activations to Concepts: A Survey on Explaining Concepts in Neural Networks

15. Enhancing Zero-Shot Chain-of-Thought Reasoning in Large Language Models through Logic

16. Continual Robot Learning using Self-Supervised Task Inference

17. Bring the Noise: Introducing Noise Robustness to Pretrained Automatic Speech Recognition

18. CycleIK: Neuro-inspired Inverse Kinematics

19. Clarifying the Half Full or Half Empty Question: Multimodal Container Classification

20. Replay to Remember: Continual Layer-Specific Fine-tuning for German Speech Recognition


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