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1. Text me the data: Generating Ground Pressure Sequence from Textual Descriptions for HAR

2. BeSound: Bluetooth-Based Position Estimation Enhancing with Cross-Modality Distillation

5. CoSS: Co-optimizing Sensor and Sampling Rate for Data-Efficient AI in Human Activity Recognition

6. The Power of Training: How Different Neural Network Setups Influence the Energy Demand

10. FieldHAR: A Fully Integrated End-to-End RTL Framework for Human Activity Recognition with Neural Networks from Heterogeneous Sensors

11. Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-ion Batteries using Spatio-temporal Multimodal Attention Networks

12. A Novel Local-Global Feature Fusion Framework for Body-weight Exercise Recognition with Pressure Mapping Sensors

14. PresSim: An End-to-end Framework for Dynamic Ground Pressure Profile Generation from Monocular Videos Using Physics-based 3D Simulation

15. In situ Fault Diagnosis of Indium Tin Oxide Electrodes by Processing S-Parameter Patterns

16. Two-stage Early Prediction Framework of Remaining Useful Life for Lithium-ion Batteries

17. Worker Activity Recognition in Manufacturing Line Using Near-body Electric Field

18. PressureTransferNet: Human Attribute Guided Dynamic Ground Pressure Profile Transfer using 3D simulated Pressure Maps

19. Selecting the motion ground truth for loose-fitting wearables: benchmarking optical MoCap methods

20. SynthCal: A Synthetic Benchmarking Pipeline to Compare Camera Calibration Algorithms


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