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1. Identification of Single-Treatment Effects in Factorial Experiments

2. Expected Points Above Average: A Novel NBA Player Metric Based on Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling

3. Predicting Short Response Ratings with Non-Content Related Features: A Hierarchical Modeling Approach

4. Sequential Maximal Updated Density Parameter Estimation for Dynamical Systems with Parameter Drift

5. Nested Instrumental Variables Design: Switcher Average Treatment Effect, Identification, Efficient Estimation and Generalizability

6. Which Identities Are Mobilized: Towards an automated detection of social group appeals in political texts

7. Strategies for Rare Population Detection and Sampling: A Methodological Approach in Liguria

8. What's So Hard about the Monty Hall Problem?

9. Percentage Coefficient (bp) -- Effect Size Analysis (Theory Paper 1)

10. To democratize research with sensitive data, we should make synthetic data more accessible

11. An Investigation into Distance Measures in Cluster Analysis

12. Seasonal and Periodic Patterns of PM2.5 in Manhattan using the Variable Bandpass Periodic Block Bootstrap

13. Non-Parametric Estimation of Multiple Periodic Components in Turkey's Electricity Consumption

14. Efficient estimation for a smoothing thin plate spline in a two-dimensional space

15. Improved Semi-Parametric Bounds for Tail Probability and Expected Loss: Theory and Applications

16. Best Subset Solution Path for Linear Dimension Reduction Models using Continuous Optimization

17. Why Name Popularity is a Good Test of Historicity

18. Robust estimations from distribution structures: I. Mean

19. Risk Quadrangle and Robust Optimization Based on $\varphi$-Divergence

20. Guidelines for the Creation of Analysis Ready Data


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