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1. Crystal structure of the toxin Msmeg_6760, the structural homolog of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv2035, a novel type II toxin involved in the hypoxic response

2. Intranasal plus subcutaneous prime vaccination with a dual antigen COVID-19 vaccine elicits T-cell and antibody responses in mice

8. Structural Perturbations of Rhodopseudomonas palustrisForm II RuBisCO Mutant Enzymes That Affect CO2Fixation


12. Heterologous Expression of Mycobacterial Esx Complexes in Escherichia coli for Structural Studies Is Facilitated by the Use of Maltose Binding Protein Fusions.

13. Structural Perturbations of Rhodopseudomonas palustris Form II RuBisCO Mutant Enzymes That Affect CO 2 Fixation.


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