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1. Neural-network based high-speed volumetric dynamic optical coherence tomography

2. Optical-coherence-tomography-based deep-learning scatterer-density estimator using physically accurate noise model

3. A New Approach for Detecting Sleep Apnea Using a Contactless Bed Sensor: Comparison Study

5. Theoretical model for en face optical coherence tomography imaging and its application to volumetric differential contrast imaging

6. Label-free intratissue activity imaging of alveolar organoids with dynamic optical coherence tomography

7. Label-free drug response evaluation of human derived tumor spheroids using three-dimensional dynamic optical coherence tomography

11. Label-free metabolic imaging of non-alcoholic-fatty-liver-disease (NAFLD) liver by volumetric dynamic optical coherence tomography

16. Optimizing classification efficiency with machine learning techniques for pattern matching

17. A comparison of three heart rate detection algorithms over ballistocardiogram signals


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