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1. On the Relative Nature of Quantum Individuals

2. The elision of the subject and the manifestation of the world

4. The two-spin enigma: from the helium atom to quantum ontology

5. A Mechanism for Entanglement?

7. Myths of German Graphite in World War II, with Original Translations

8. A Triumvirate of AI Driven Theoretical Discovery

9. Jan Veth's paintings of Jacobus Kapteyn

10. Refractive index for the mechanical refraction of a relativistic particle

11. Foundational Issues in Group Field Theory

12. Positivism in Newtonian Mechanics: The Ousia or a Historical Liability?

13. Diffeomorphism invariance and general covariance: a pedagogical introduction

14. Bohr and von Neumann on the Universality of Quantum Mechanics: Materials for the History of the Quantum Measurement Process

15. Revolutionizing Quantum Mechanics: The Birth and Evolution of the Many-Worlds Interpretation

16. The Discovery of Neptune Revisited

17. Everything is Entangled in Quantum Mechanics: Are the Orthodox Measures Physically Meaningful?

18. Ising's roots and the transfer-matrix eigenvalues

19. Free Will and Falling Cats

20. Some Things I Have Learned From Detlef D\'urr


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