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1. Compact zinc finger architecture utilizing toxin-derived cytidine deaminases for highly efficient base editing in human cells

2. Bridging the gap: a resident-led transitional care clinic to improve post hospital care in a safety-net academic community hospital

3. Strategies for combating antibiotic resistance in bacterial biofilms

4. Effects of syphilis infection among HIV-1-positive individuals on suppressive antiretroviral therapy

5. Read, Make, and Mend the World: College Students Developing an Antiracist, Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Children

6. A pH‐ and Light‐Responsive Nanoporous Lyotropic Gyroid Polymer Network

8. Citrullinated Histone H3 Mediates Sepsis-Induced Lung Injury Through Activating Caspase-1 Dependent Inflammasome Pathway

9. Peptidylarginine Deiminase 2 in Host Immunity: Current Insights and Perspectives

10. Measuring Collaboration Through Concurrent Electronic Health Record Usage: Network Analysis Study

11. Pathophysiology of Pulmonary Fibrosis in the Context of COVID-19 and Implications for Treatment: A Narrative Review

12. Cognitive screening in treatment-naïve HIV-infected individuals in Hong Kong – a single center study

13. DMMS: A Decentralized Blockchain Ledger for the Management of Medication Histories

14. Multi-reporter selection for the design of active and more specific zinc-finger nucleases for genome editing

15. SIRT7 Represses Myc Activity to Suppress ER Stress and Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

16. Crystal structure, dielectric, ferroelectric and energy storage properties of La-doped BaTiO3 semiconducting ceramics

17. Differences in the direction of change of cerebral function parameters are evident over three years in HIV-infected individuals electively commencing initial cART.

18. Jira 8 Administration Cookbook : Over 90 Recipes to Administer, Customize, and Extend Jira Core and Jira Service Desk, 3rd Edition

19. Jira 8 Essentials : Effective Issue Management and Project Tracking with the Latest Jira Features, 5th Edition

20. Jira Software Essentials : Plan, Track, and Release Great Applications with Jira Software


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