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1. Dealing with zero-inflated data: achieving SOTA with a two-fold machine learning approach

2. Human in the AI loop via xAI and Active Learning for Visual Inspection

3. Classification of news spreading barriers

4. Profiling the news spreading barriers using news headlines

5. Using the profile of publishers to predict barriers across news articles

6. Classification of Cross-cultural News Events

7. Robust Anomaly Map Assisted Multiple Defect Detection with Supervised Classification Techniques

8. Synthetic Data Augmentation Using GAN For Improved Automated Visual Inspection

9. Political and Economic Patterns in COVID-19 News: From Lockdown to Vaccination

10. Analysis of information cascading and propagation barriers across distinctive news events

11. A Commonsense-Infused Language-Agnostic Learning Framework for Enhancing Prediction of Political Polarity in Multilingual News Headlines

12. Machine Beats Machine: Machine Learning Models to Defend Against Adversarial Attacks

13. Forecasting Sensor Values in Waste-To-Fuel Plants: a Case Study

14. Active Learning and Novel Model Calibration Measurements for Automated Visual Inspection in Manufacturing

15. Enriching Artificial Intelligence Explanations with Knowledge Fragments

16. Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence Architecture for Industry 5.0 Applications

17. Streaming Machine Learning and Online Active Learning for Automated Visual Inspection

18. Active Learning for Automated Visual Inspection of Manufactured Products

19. Knowledge Modelling and Active Learning in Manufacturing

20. A Review of Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing


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