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1. Gabriel-Ulmer Duality for Topoi, An Introduction

2. On Quantifiers for Quantitative Reasoning

3. Flows of linear orders on sparse graphs

5. How many sprays cover the space?

6. On the downward L\'owenheim-Skolem Theorem for elementary submodels

7. The behavior of higher proof theory I: Case $\Sigma^1_2$

8. On construction schemes: building the uncountable from finite pieces

9. Non-trivial copies of N*

10. Unification with Simple Variable Restrictions and Admissibility of $\Pi_{2}$-rules

11. Two-dimensional Kripke Semantics II: Stability and Completeness

12. Description Complexity of Unary Structures in First-Order Logic with Links to Entropy

13. On Ramsey degrees, compactness and approximability

14. Approximation properties of torsion classes

15. Continuous Edge Chromatic Numbers of Abelian Group Actions

16. Existentially closed models and locally zero-dimensional toposes

17. Stationary tower free homogeneously Suslin scales

18. A Reverse Mathematical Analysis of Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and Basis Theorem

19. Hybrid Maximal Filter Spaces

20. Scott analysis, linear orders and almost periodic functions


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