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4. Evaluating Mathematical Reasoning Beyond Accuracy

5. CodeBenchGen: Creating Scalable Execution-based Code Generation Benchmarks

6. LLMCRIT: Teaching Large Language Models to Use Criteria

7. Reformatted Alignment

8. Dissecting Human and LLM Preferences

9. Deep Rib Fracture Instance Segmentation and Classification from CT on the RibFrac Challenge

10. The Impact of Domain Knowledge and Multi-Modality on Intelligent Molecular Property Prediction: A Systematic Survey

11. Scientific Language Modeling: A Quantitative Review of Large Language Models in Molecular Science

17. Can Large Language Models be Trusted for Evaluation? Scalable Meta-Evaluation of LLMs as Evaluators via Agent Debate

18. On the Approximate Core and Nucleon of Flow Games

19. The Critique of Critique

20. InFoBench: Evaluating Instruction Following Ability in Large Language Models


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