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1. Culture, Education, and Community: Expressions of the Postcolonial Imagination. Postcolonial Studies in Education

2. Girls and Special Education in the Caribbean

3. Repositioning Pedagogies and Postcolonialism: Theories, Contradictions and Possibilities

4. The Practice of Postcoloniality: A Pedagogy of Hope

5. Postcolonialism and Education: Negotiating a Contested Terrain

8. Resisting the inner plantation : decolonisation and the practice of education in the work of Eric Williams

10. Repositioning pedagogies and postcolonialism: theories, contradictions and possibilities.

11. The practice of postcoloniality: a pedagogy of hope.

12. Postcolonialism and education: negotiating a contested terrain.

13. '... And This Too Shall Pass!' Spiritual Striving and the Academic Life of Three Women


16. Overseers or advocates? : an exploration of Heads of Departments and Deans in secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago

17. Voices from Saint Lucia : a dialogue on curriculum change in a small island state

18. Physical education in Trinidad and Tobago : dilemmas of, and opportunities for, movement across a contested field


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