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4. To do no harm — and the most good — with AI in health care

5. Identifying Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Multiple Outcomes using Joint Confidence Intervals

6. Acute respiratory distress syndrome after SARS-CoV-2 infection on young adult population: International observational federated study based on electronic health records through the 4CE consortium

8. Dominant‐negative variant in SLC1A4 causes an autosomal dominant epilepsy syndrome

9. International comparisons of laboratory values from the 4CE collaborative to predict COVID-19 mortality

10. LUSTR: a new customizable tool for calling genome-wide germline and somatic short tandem repeat variants

11. De novo variants in DENND5B cause a neurodevelopmental disorder

12. Potential pitfalls in the use of real-world data for studying long COVID

13. Exome and genome sequencing in a heterogeneous population of patients with rare disease: Identifying predictors of a diagnosis

14. Validation of an internationally derived patient severity phenotype to support COVID-19 analytics from electronic health record data

15. Commonalities across computational workflows for uncovering explanatory variants in undiagnosed cases.

16. Unraveling non‐participation in genomic research: A complex interplay of barriers, facilitators, and sociocultural factors

17. H4C5 missense variant leads to a neurodevelopmental phenotype overlapping with Angelman syndrome

19. Biallelic CRELD1 variants cause a multisystem syndrome, including neurodevelopmental phenotypes, cardiac dysrhythmias, and frequent infections

20. A syndromic neurodevelopmental disorder caused by rare variants in PPFIA3


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