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1. Quantifying Gender Disparity in Pre-Modern English Literature using Natural Language Processing.

2. Quantifying confidence shifts in a BERT-based question answering system evaluated on perturbed instances.

3. Understanding and Estimating Domain Complexity Across Domains

4. HALO: An Ontology for Representing Hallucinations in Generative Models

7. Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Complex Systems.

9. How does prompt engineering affect ChatGPT performance on unsupervised entity resolution?

10. A Knowledge Graph-Based Search Engine for Robustly Finding Doctors and Locations in the Healthcare Domain

11. A Formalism and Approach for Improving Robustness of Large Language Models Using Risk-Adjusted Confidence Scores

12. Quantifying COVID-19 policy impacts on subjective well-being during the early phase of the pandemic: A cross-sectional analysis of United States survey data from March to August 2020.

13. Named Entity Resolution in Personal Knowledge Graphs

14. A structural study of Big Tech firm-switching of inventors in the post-recession era

15. An experimental study measuring the generalization of fine‐tuned language representation models across commonsense reasoning benchmarks.

16. Using conditional inference to quantify interaction effects of socio-demographic covariates of US COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

17. Can language representation models think in bets?

18. Toward Defining a Domain Complexity Measure Across Domains

19. A Pilot Evaluation of ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 on Decision Making and Spatial Reasoning


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