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3. The Karaites and the Hebrew Bible

6. Reconstructing the past and conceptualizing the Jewish 'other': how the Babylonian Geonim contributed to the creation of the founding myth of Karaism.

7. Reivindicación de Menajem ben Saruq

8. The glossary 'Šarḥ al-ʾalfāẓ' by Abū al-Faraj Hārūn: David ben Abraham Alfāsī’s dictionary 'Jāmiʿ al-ʾalfāẓ' as a resource.

9. Karaism

10. From Scripturalism to the 'Chain of Tradition': between Rabbanite and Karaite Judaism.

11. חמישה חיבורים תיאולוגיים קראיים מביזנטיון: תיאור והערכה ראשונית .

12. The Sefer Torah and Jewish Orthodoxy in the Islamic Middle Ages

14. Karaites and Jerusalem: from Anan ben David to the Karaite heritage center in the old city.


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