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1. A Decoupling and Aggregating Framework for Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations

2. Identifying non-Hermitian critical points with quantum metric

3. Direct Probe of Topology and Geometry of Quantum States on IBM Q

4. MoleculeQA: A Dataset to Evaluate Factual Accuracy in Molecular Comprehension

5. Detecting degenerate bands topological invariants in optical lattice

6. UltraWiki: Ultra-fine-grained Entity Set Expansion with Negative Seed Entities

9. Let LLMs Take on the Latest Challenges! A Chinese Dynamic Question Answering Benchmark

10. Mitigating Catastrophic Forgetting in Multi-domain Chinese Spelling Correction by Multi-stage Knowledge Transfer Framework

11. Rethinking the Roles of Large Language Models in Chinese Grammatical Error Correction

12. When LLMs Meet Cunning Questions: A Fallacy Understanding Benchmark for Large Language Models

13. MM-Point: Multi-View Information-Enhanced Multi-Modal Self-Supervised 3D Point Cloud Understanding

14. Lattice B-field correlators for heavy quarks

15. Realizing and detecting Stiefel-Whitney insulators in an optical Raman lattice

16. Higgs boson pair production and decay at NLO in QCD: the $b\bar{b}\gamma\gamma$ final state

17. Coordinated Guiding Vector Field Design for Ordering-Flexible Multi-Robot Surface Navigation

18. Mass suppression effect in QCD radiation and hadron angular distribution in jet

19. Transport and Connection to Heavy-ion Collisions via Heavy Flavor Probes

20. The Transverse Energy-Energy Correlator at Next-to-Next-to-Next-to-Leading Logarithm


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