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1. A Systematic Investigation of Distilling Large Language Models into Cross-Encoders for Passage Re-ranking

2. Set-Encoder: Permutation-Invariant Inter-Passage Attention for Listwise Passage Re-Ranking with Cross-Encoders

3. Task-Oriented Paraphrase Analytics

4. Analyzing Adversarial Attacks on Sequence-to-Sequence Relevance Models

5. Detecting Generated Native Ads in Conversational Search

6. Investigating the Effects of Sparse Attention on Cross-Encoders

7. Evaluating Generative Ad Hoc Information Retrieval

8. Commercialized Generative AI: A Critical Study of the Feasibility and Ethics of Generating Native Advertising Using Large Language Models in Conversational Web Search

10. The Information Retrieval Experiment Platform

11. Perspectives on Large Language Models for Relevance Judgment

12. The Archive Query Log: Mining Millions of Search Result Pages of Hundreds of Search Engines from 25 Years of Web Archives

13. Paraphrase Acquisition from Image Captions

14. Sparse Pairwise Re-ranking with Pre-trained Transformers

15. How Train-Test Leakage Affects Zero-shot Retrieval

16. Beyond the Imitation Game: Quantifying and extrapolating the capabilities of language models

17. Clickbait Spoiling via Question Answering and Passage Retrieval

20. The Impact of Main Content Extraction on Near-Duplicate Detection


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