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1. Black love : exploring how a politicized care pedagogical approach supports youth establishment of rightful presence in STEM

2. The impact of African American English on language proficiency in adolescent speakers

3. Equal education opportunity : an analysis of the racial achievement gap in Kentucky urban schools

5. Faith made flesh : the Black Child Legacy Campaign for transformative justice and healthy futures

6. Thomas R. Lewis interview, December 14, 1994

8. Desegregation and busing in Boston public schools handouts, 1963-1965

9. Minutes, 1859-1907

10. Proceedings of the third annual spring workhop for visiting teachers : theme : the challenge of the dropout-new horizons in education in the sixties

11. Association for the Care of Colored Orphans collection, 1945-

12. Multicultural education of children and adolescents

13. Race, class, and education : the politics of second-generation discrimination


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