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1. Beyond Pronouns: The Case for Gender-Expansive and Democratizing Practice in Teacher Education

3. Going beyond Anti-Racist Pedagogical Practices: Co-Constructing a Pro-Black Classroom

7. Community-as-Difference: Non-Black Students in One Black University Space

9. (Un)affirming Assimilation: Depictions of Dis/ability in Health Textbooks

10. 'Distressing' Situations and Differentiated Interventions: Preservice Teachers' Imagined Futures with Trans and Gender-Creative Students

11. Stirring Vulnerability, (Un)certainty, and (Dis)trust in Humanizing Research: Duoethnographically Re-Membering Unsettling Racialized Encounters in Social Justice Teacher Education

14. Transforming Teacher Education by Integrating the Funds of Knowledge of Teachers of Color

16. Adapting for Anti-Racism: Collaboratively Diversifying Faculty Open Professional Development.

17. Numbers Are Just Not Enough: A Critical Analysis of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Elementary and Middle School Health Textbooks

19. Caricature and Hyperbole in Preservice Teacher Professional Development for Diversity


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