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1. Successful Management of Cloud Computing and DevOps

2. Becoming an Agile Software Architect : Strategies, Practices, and Patterns to Help Architects Design Continually Evolving Solutions

3. Building CI/CD Systems Using Tekton : Develop Flexible and Powerful CI/CD Pipelines Using Tekton Pipelines and Triggers

4. Modern DevOps Practices : Implement and Secure DevOps in the Public Cloud with Cutting-edge Tools, Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

5. Docker for Developers : Develop and Run Your Application with Docker Containers Using DevOps Tools for Continuous Delivery

6. A Closer Look at Safety and Security

7. Implementing Azure DevOps Solutions : Learn About Azure DevOps Services to Successfully Apply DevOps Strategies

8. Hands-On Kubernetes on Windows : Effectively Orchestrate Windows Container Workloads Using Kubernetes

9. Kubernetes and Docker - An Enterprise Guide : Effectively Containerize Applications, Integrate Enterprise Systems, and Scale Applications in Your Enterprise

10. Scaling Scrum Across Modern Enterprises : Implement Scrum and Lean-Agile Techniques Across Complex Products, Portfolios, and Programs in Large Organizations

11. Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia : Proven Solutions to Common Problems in Software Design for Julia 1.x

12. The Docker Workshop : Learn How to Use Docker Containers Effectively to Speed up the Development Process

13. Mastering Docker : Enhance Your Containerization and DevOps Skills to Deliver Production-ready Applications

14. Learn Docker – Fundamentals of Docker 19.x : Build, Test, Ship, and Run Containers with Docker and Kubernetes, 2nd Edition

15. Learning DevOps : The Complete Guide to Accelerate Collaboration with Jenkins, Kubernetes, Terraform and Azure DevOps

16. Object-Oriented Software Engineering with UML: A Hands-On Approach

17. Innovative Software: Running the Rapids

18. Systems, Software and Services Process Improvement

19. Hands-On Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core : Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software by Putting DDD Principles Into Practice

20. Implementing AWS: Design, Build, and Manage Your Infrastructure : Leverage AWS Features to Build Highly Secure, Fault-tolerant, and Scalable Cloud Environments


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