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2. A review on computational intelligence methods for controlling traffic signal timing

3. Dynamic management of coexistence in IEEE 802.15.4-based health monitoring wireless body area networks : a dissertation

4. Vision based control of autonomous underwater vehicles : a thesis

5. Dynamic Learning From Adaptive Neural Network Control of a Class of Nonaffine Nonlinear Systems

6. Robust adaptive neural sliding mode control of MEMS triaxial gyroscope with angular velocity estimation

7. Reinforcement Learning Output Feedback NN Control Using Deterministic Learning Technique

8. Reinforcement Q-learning for optimal tracking control of linear discrete-time systems with unknown dynamics

9. On iterative learning algorithms for the formation control of nonlinear multi-agent systems

10. Novel Neural Control for a Class of Uncertain Pure-Feedback Systems

11. Multiple neural control of a greenhouse

12. Modular Simulation-Based Physical and Emotional Assessment of Ambient Intelligence in Traffic

13. Modeling indoor lighting inspection robot behavior using Concurrent Communicating Lists : Intelligent Systems in Construction

14. Learning control in spatial coordinates for the path-following of autonomous vehicles

15. Intelligent control system design for UAV using a recurrent wavelet neural network

16. Intelligent control of a grid-connected wind-photovoltaic hybrid power systems

17. Intelligent control of chaotic systems via self-organizing Hermite-polynomial-based neural network

18. IEC 61850 Model Expansion Toward Distributed Fault Localization, Isolation, and Supply Restoration

19. Hybrid intelligent control of BOF oxygen volume and coolant addition

20. Heating exchange process PIDNN control system research based on T-S fuzzy model


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