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1. Quick and Accurate Affordance Learning

2. A Rational Trade-Off Between the Costs and Benefits of Automatic and Controlled Processing

3. Developing Object Permanence from Videos

4. Interpreting implausible event descriptions under noise

5. Modeling auditory voice recognition improvements by face simulation

6. Modeling the Emergent Development of Inference-based Goal Anticipation in Infants

7. Loci-Segmented: Improving Scene Segmentation Learning

8. Learning Object Permanence from Videos via Latent Imaginations

9. Advancing Parsimonious Deep Learning Weather Prediction using the HEALPix Mesh

10. Quick and Accurate Affordance Learning

13. Modal and amodal cognition: an overarching principle in various domains of psychology

14. Inductive biases in deep learning models for weather prediction

17. Intelligent problem-solving as integrated hierarchical reinforcement learning

18. Learning What and Where: Disentangling Location and Identity Tracking Without Supervision

19. Inference of Affordances and Active Motor Control in Simulated Agents

20. Composing Partial Differential Equations with Physics-Aware Neural Networks


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