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1. Ecuador, un país dolarizado: pasado, presente y futuro

2. Globalisation and Energy Transition in Latin America and the Caribbean : Economic Growth and Policy Implications

3. Essays in Honor of M. Hashem Pesaran : Prediction and Macro Modeling

4. Essays in Honor of M. Hashem Pesaran : Panel Modeling, Micro Applications, and Econometric Methodology

5. The Law and Economics of Privacy, Personal Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Incomplete Monitoring

6. Essays in Honour of Fabio Canova

7. Comparative Advantage in the Knowledge Economy : A National and Organizational Resource

8. Essays in Honor of Cheng Hsiao

9. The Econometrics of Networks

10. Borges, big data y yo : Guía nerd (y un poco rea) para perderse en el laberinto borgeano

11. Causal Inference in Economic Models

12. Counting Bounty : The Quest to Know the Worth of Earth

13. Topics in Identification, Limited Dependent Variables, Partial Observability, Experimentation, and Flexible Modeling

14. Computational Methods for Data Analysis

15. Podejście kalibracyjne w badaniach społeczno-ekonomicznych

16. Are Participants Good Evaluators?

17. Price Formation in the Cryptocurrency Market. A Hypotheses Driven Econometric Analysis of Cryptocurrency Price Determinants

18. Business Statistics with Solutions in R

19. The Econometrics of Complex Survey Data : Theory and Applications

20. Stata : A Really Short Introduction


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