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2. Analysis of the mitochondrial genome of cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) with neurodegenerative disease.


4. Thoughts from the Donner Party.

5. Defense of Romance Act.

6. One system's journey in creating a disclosure and apology program.

10. The use of the MegaBACE for sequencing and genotype analysis.

11. Estimating the Population Mutation Rate from a de novo Assembled Bactrian Camel Genome and Cross-Species Comparison with Dromedary ESTs.

12. Estimating the population mutation rate from a de novo assembled Bactrian camel genome and cross-species comparison with dromedary ESTs.

13. Diagnostic single nucleotide polymorphism markers to identify hybridization between dromedary and Bactrian camels.

14. A sunken ship of the desert at the river Danube in Tulln, Austria.

15. The major histocompatibility complex in Old World camelids and low polymorphism of its class II genes

16. The de novo genome assembly and annotation of a female domestic dromedary of North African origin.


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