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2. An Evaluation of Estimative Uncertainty in Large Language Models

4. Towards a Domain-Agnostic Knowledge Graph-as-a-Service Infrastructure for Active Cyber Defense with Intelligent Agents

5. Understanding and Estimating Domain Complexity Across Domains

6. HALO: An Ontology for Representing and Categorizing Hallucinations in Large Language Models

7. Cost-Efficient Prompt Engineering for Unsupervised Entity Resolution

8. A Knowledge Graph-Based Search Engine for Robustly Finding Doctors and Locations in the Healthcare Domain

9. A Formalism and Approach for Improving Robustness of Large Language Models Using Risk-Adjusted Confidence Scores

10. Named Entity Resolution in Personal Knowledge Graphs

11. A structural study of Big Tech firm-switching of inventors in the post-recession era

12. Toward Defining a Domain Complexity Measure Across Domains

13. A Pilot Evaluation of ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 on Decision Making and Spatial Reasoning

15. On the Empirical Association between Trade Network Complexity and Global Gross Domestic Product

16. Can Language Representation Models Think in Bets?

17. Understanding Substructures in Commonsense Relations in ConceptNet

18. Understanding Prior Bias and Choice Paralysis in Transformer-based Language Representation Models through Four Experimental Probes

22. Robust Quantification of Gender Disparity in Pre-Modern English Literature using Natural Language Processing

23. A Theoretically Grounded Benchmark for Evaluating Machine Commonsense

24. Can Scale-free Network Growth with Triad Formation Capture Simplicial Complex Distributions in Real Communication Networks?

25. Evaluating Language Representation Models on Approximately Rational Decision Making Problems

31. Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Reaction through Comparative Analysis on Twitter

32. Predicting Zip Code-Level Vaccine Hesitancy in US Metropolitan Areas Using Machine Learning Models on Public Tweets

33. Quantifying Gender Disparity in Pre-Modern English Literature using Natural Language Processing.

36. Decision Making in Monopoly using a Hybrid Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

39. A Data-Driven Study of Commonsense Knowledge using the ConceptNet Knowledge Base

40. Do Fine-tuned Commonsense Language Models Really Generalize?

42. On using Product-Specific from Web Data Commons: An Empirical Set of Best Practices

43. An Experimental Study of The Effects of Position Bias on Emotion CauseExtraction


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