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36. Material Ecocriticism

42. Installation

43. Installation

76. Postmodernism Gone Wild: Alev Alatl›’s Schrödinger’s Cat1

78. Raymond Federman's To whom it may concern: Reading metafiction ecocritically

81. Ecological imperialism in british colonial fiction

82. Ecocriticism: natural world in the literary viewfinder

86. To whom it may concern: Rewriting of history as fiction

89. An Introduction.

90. Toward an Ecocentric Postmoderm Theory: Fusing Deep Ecology and Quantum Mechanics.

91. Postmodernism: An unfinished debate

93. Are We Really Interconnected? Ecophilosophy and Quantum Theory from a Postmodern Perspective

94. The Novel as Performance: The Example of Raymond Federman


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