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1. Artificial Intelligence and Software Testing : Building Systems You Can Trust

2. Agile From First Principles

3. Building Low-Code Applications with Mendix : Discover Best Practices and Expert Techniques to Simplify Enterprise Web Development

4. Systems Engineering Demystified : A Practitioner's Handbook for Developing Complex Systems Using a Model-based Approach

5. Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering Cookbook : Improve System Development by Applying Proven Recipes for Effective Agile Systems Engineering

6. Practical Remote Pair Programming : Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques for Collaborating Productively with Distributed Development Teams

7. The Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) Guide : Successfully Practice Scrum with Real-world Projects and Achieve Your PSM I Certification with Confidence

8. Scaling Scrum Across Modern Enterprises : Implement Scrum and Lean-Agile Techniques Across Complex Products, Portfolios, and Programs in Large Organizations

9. Software Architecture with C# 9 and .NET 5 : Architecting Software Solutions Using Microservices, DevOps, and Design Patterns for Azure, 2nd Edition

10. Managing Software Requirements the Agile Way : Bridge the Gap Between Software Requirements and Executable Specifications to Deliver Successful Projects

11. Hands-On Software Engineering with Golang : Move Beyond Basic Programming to Design and Build Reliable Software with Clean Code

12. The Complete Edition – Software Engineering for Real-Time Systems : A Software Engineering Perspective Toward Designing Real-time Systems

13. Learn Selenium : Build Data-driven Test Frameworks for Mobile and Web Applications with Selenium Web Driver 3

14. Enterprise API Management : Design and Deliver Valuable Business APIs

15. The Successful Software Manager : The Definitive Guide to Growing From Developer to Manager

16. Agile Technical Practices Distilled : A Learning Journey in Technical Practices and Principles of Software Design

17. Hands-On Infrastructure Monitoring with Prometheus : Implement and Scale Queries, Dashboards, and Alerting Across Machines and Containers

18. Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture : A Hands-on Guide to Creating Clean Web Applications with Code Examples in Java

19. AWS Certified Developer - Associate Guide : Your One-stop Solution to Passing the AWS Developer's 2019 (DVA-C01) Certification, 2nd Edition

20. Hands-On Design Patterns with C# and .NET Core : Write Clean and Maintainable Code by Using Reusable Solutions to Common Software Design Problems

21. Serverless Programming Cookbook : Practical Solutions to Building Serverless Applications Using Java and AWS

22. Jira 8 Administration Cookbook : Over 90 Recipes to Administer, Customize, and Extend Jira Core and Jira Service Desk, 3rd Edition

23. Digital Image Processing and Analysis : Computer Vision and Image Analysis

24. Modernizing Product Development Processes : Guide for Engineers

25. Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs

26. Continuous Delivery and DevOps – A Quickstart Guide : Start Your Journey to Successful Adoption of CD and DevOps, 3rd Edition

27. CMake Cookbook : Building, Testing, and Packaging Modular Software with Modern CMake

28. Integration of CAD/CAPP/CAM

29. Software Quality Assurance : A Self-Teaching Introduction

30. TypeScript Microservices : Build, Deploy, and Secure Microservices Using TypeScript Combined with Node.js

31. Lean Product Management : Successful Products From Fuzzy Business Ideas

32. C# and .NET Core Test Driven Development : Dive Into TDD to Create Flexible, Maintainable, and Production-ready .NET Core Applications

33. Blender Quick Start Guide : 3D Modeling, Animation, and Render with Eevee in Blender 2.8

34. Enterprise Agility : Being Agile in a Changing World

35. Design Patterns and Best Practices in Java : A Comprehensive Guide to Building Smart and Reusable Code in Java

36. Hands-on Design Patterns with Kotlin : Build Scalable Applications Using Traditional, Reactive, and Concurrent Design Patterns in Kotlin

37. Pocket CIO - The Guide to Successful IT Asset Management : Get to Grips with the Fundamentals of IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and Software License Compliance Audits with This Guide

38. The DevOps 2.2 Toolkit : Self-Sufficient Docker Clusters

39. Docker Quick Start Guide : Learn Docker Like a Boss, and Finally Own Your Applications

40. Software Architect’s Handbook : Become a Successful Software Architect by Implementing Effective Architecture Concepts

41. Jira Software Essentials : Plan, Track, and Release Great Applications with Jira Software

42. Introducción a los Sistemas de Información Geográfica (SIG) aplicados al catastro

43. Learn SOLIDWORKS : Get up to Speed with Key Concepts and Tools to Become an Accomplished SOLIDWORKS Associate and Professional

44. Designing Hexagonal Architecture with Java : An Architect's Guide to Building Maintainable and Change-tolerant Applications with Java and Quarkus

45. Neural Network Control of Vehicles: Modeling and Simulation

46. Designing XR : A Rhetorical Design Perspective for the Ecology of Human+Computer Systems

47. Understanding Interaction: The Relationships Between People, Technology, Culture, and the Environment : Volume 1: Evolution, Technology, Language and Culture

48. Agile Testing Foundations : An ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester Guide

49. Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide - Third Edition : Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide, Third Edition Presents Wireless Pentesting From the Ground Up, and Has Been Updated with the Latest Methodologies, Including Full Coverage of the KRACK Attack.

50. Spring 5 Design Patterns : Learn Various Design Patterns and Best Practices in Spring 5 and Use Them to Solve Common Design Problems.

51. Learn LLVM 12 : A Beginner's Guide to Learning LLVM Compiler Tools and Core Libraries with C++

52. Visual Studio 2019 Tricks and Techniques : A Developer's Guide to Writing Better Code and Maximizing Productivity

53. Rethinking Virtual Places

54. Up and Running with Affinity Designer : A Practical, Easy-to-follow Guide to Get up to Speed with the Powerful Features of Affinity Designer 1.10

55. Design Thinking Research : Translation, Prototyping, and Measurement

56. Simplify Testing with React Testing Library : Create Maintainable Tests Using RTL That Do Not Break with Changes

57. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations : Deliver Profitable Projects with Effective Project Planning and Productive Operational Workflows

58. Rust Web Programming : A Hands-on Guide to Developing Fast and Secure Web Apps with the Rust Programming Language

59. End-to-End Web Testing with Cypress : Explore Techniques for Automated Frontend Web Testing with Cypress and JavaScript

60. Automate Everyday Tasks in Jira : A Practical, No-code Approach for Jira Admins and Power Users to Automate Everyday Processes

61. Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook : Become a Pro Power Apps Maker by Applying Practical Use Cases to Solve Ever-evolving Business Challenges

62. Analytic Methods of Systems and Software Testing

63. Python GUI Programming with Tkinter : Design and Build Functional and User-friendly GUI Applications, 2nd Edition

64. Dancing with Python : Learn to Code with Python and Quantum Computing

65. Expert Python Programming : Master Python by Learning the Best Coding Practices and Advanced Programming Concepts, 4th Edition

66. UI Testing with Puppeteer : Implement End-to-end Testing and Browser Automation Using JavaScript and Node.js

67. Adopting .NET 5 : Understand Modern Architectures, Migration Best Practices, and the New Features in .NET 5

68. Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with C++

69. Handbook of Mobile Application Development: A Guide to Selecting the Right Engineering and Quality Features

70. Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud : Build Resilient and Scalable Microservices Using Spring Cloud, Istio, and Kubernetes, 2nd Edition

71. Building Expert Business Solutions with Zoho CRM : An Indispensable Guide to Developing Future-proof CRM Solutions and Growing Your Business Exponentially

72. Git for Programmers : Master Git for Effective Implementation of Version Control for Your Programming Projects

73. Implementing Hybrid Cloud with Azure Arc : Explore the New-generation Hybrid Cloud and Learn How to Build Azure Arc-enabled Solutions

74. The Azure Cloud Native Architecture Mapbook : Explore Microsoft Cloud’s Infrastructure, Application, Data, and Security Architecture

75. DevOps Adoption Strategies: Principles, Processes, Tools, and Trends : Embracing DevOps Through Effective Culture, People, and Processes

76. Supercharge Your Applications with GraalVM : Hands-on Examples to Optimize and Extend Your Code Using GraalVM's High Performance and Polyglot Capabilities

77. Coding Roblox Games Made Easy : The Ultimate Guide to Creating Games with Roblox Studio and Lua Programming

78. The Elements of Computing Systems, Second Edition : Building a Modern Computer From First Principles

79. Hands-On Unity 2021 Game Development : Create, Customize, and Optimize Your Own Professional Games From Scratch with Unity 2021, 2nd Edition

80. Modern DevOps Practices : Implement and Secure DevOps in the Public Cloud with Cutting-edge Tools, Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

81. Cross-Platform Development with Qt 6 and Modern C++ : Design and Build Applications with Modern Graphical User Interfaces Without Worrying About Platform Dependency

82. Crafting Test-Driven Software with Python : Write Test Suites That Scale with Your Applications' Needs and Complexity Using Python and PyTest

83. Clean Code in Python : Develop Maintainable and Efficient Code, 2nd Edition

84. Software Engineering Research and Practice

85. Mobile Application Penetration Testing : Explore Real-world Threat Scenarios, Attacks on Mobile Applications, and Ways to Counter Them

86. Modular Programming with Python : Introducing Modular Techniques for Building Sophisticated Programs Using Python

87. JIRA 7 Administration Cookbook : Over 80 Hands-on Recipes to Help You Efficiently Administer, Customize, and Extend Your JIRA 7 Implementation

88. Evaluación colaborativa de la usabilidad en el desarrollo de sistemas software interactivos

89. QGIS 2 Cookbook : Become a QGIS Power User and Master QGIS Data Management, Visualization, and Spatial Analysis Techniques

90. Managing Software Process Evolution : Traditional, Agile and Beyond – How to Handle Process Change

91. The Art of Scrum : How Scrum Masters Bind Dev Teams and Unleash Agility

92. Hands-On Low-Code Application Development with Salesforce : Build Customized CRM Applications That Solve Business Challenges in Just a Few Clicks

93. Kubernetes and Docker - An Enterprise Guide : Effectively Containerize Applications, Integrate Enterprise Systems, and Scale Applications in Your Enterprise

94. Learning Microsoft Project 2019 : Streamline Project, Resource, and Schedule Management with Microsoft's Project Management Software

95. The Complete Coding Interview Guide in Java : An Effective Guide for Aspiring Java Developers to Ace Their Programming Interviews

96. Network Automation Cookbook : Proven and Actionable Recipes to Automate and Manage Network Devices Using Ansible

97. The MacOS User Administration Guide : A Practical Guide to Implementing, Managing, and Optimizing MacOS Big Sur Features and Tools

98. Design and Analysis of Algorithms

99. Practical Microservices with Dapr and .NET : A Developer's Guide to Building Cloud-native Applications Using the Dapr Event-driven Runtime

100. Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere : Techniques to Fuel Business Productivity and Intelligent Automation Using RPA


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