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Active learning.

The typical classroom is headed by a teacher standing in front of a group of students whose desks are arranged in neat rows. The teacher’s job is to lecture; the students’ job is to sit and listen. The students are learning the day’s lesson—or are...

Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2022. 2p.

1. An Active Learning Approach to Diversity Training.

2. The Interactive Effect of Personality Types and Learning Setting on Performance in Accounting Courses.

3. Learning with Digital Agents: An Analysis based on the Activity Theory.

4. Introduction to the Special Issue.

5. Beyond active learning: Using 3-Dimensional learning to create scientifically authentic, student-centered classrooms.

6. A moment tensor potential for lattice thermal conductivity calculations of α and β phases of Ga2O3.

7. A moment tensor potential for lattice thermal conductivity calculations of α and β phases of Ga2O3.

9. Reflections on augmented reality codes for teaching fundamental defensive techniques to boxing beginners.

10. Supporting emergency remote teaching: A post-video learning approach.

12. Human-centric artificial intelligence architecture for industry 5.0 applications.

13. System Action Learning: Reorientating Practice for System Change in Preventive Health.

14. Inverse design of pore wall chemistry and topology through active learning of surface group interactions.

15. Active reinforcement learning versus action bias and hysteresis: control with a mixture of experts and nonexperts.

16. Effect of classroom-based physical activity on teaching quality of systemic lupus erythematosus for medical undergraduates.

31. TALES OF CONNECTION: Weaving Stories into the Fabric of Learning.

33. The Agile Student Practice Project: Simulating an Agile Project in the Classroom for a Real-World Experience

34. Predictors of Global Scientific Literacy of Pre-Service Teachers: A Structural Equation Modeling Study

35. Development of PBL STEM-Based Teaching Materials with Ethnomatematics Nuances for Students' Creative Thinking Ability

36. The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Learning to Improve the Analytical Thinking Skills of Sixth-Grade Elementary School Students

37. Evaluation of Studies Based on the ICAP Framework in Learning Environments

38. Identifying the impact of innovative teaching approaches and integrative learning on the performance of students enrolled in biotechnology programs.


40. Egg-tastic Evidence: A Gamified Experiential Learning Activity for EvidenceBased Business Courses.

41. The impact of active learning on entrepreneurial capacity.

42. A study of deep active learning methods to reduce labelling efforts in biomedical relation extraction.

46. The positive impact of introducing modified directed self-learning using pre-small group discussion worksheets as an active learning strategy in undergraduate medical education.

47. Effect of active learning versus traditional lecturing on the learning achievement of college students in humanities and social sciences: a meta-analysis.

50. Promoting physical activity and academic achievement through physically active learning: Qualitative perspectives of co-design and implementation processes.


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