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1. High-Speed Interception Multicopter Control by Image-based Visual Servoing

2. APPLE: Adversarial Privacy-aware Perturbations on Latent Embedding for Unfairness Mitigation

3. Inspecting Model Fairness in Ultrasound Segmentation Tasks

4. MobileUtr: Revisiting the relationship between light-weight CNN and Transformer for efficient medical image segmentation

6. RflyMAD: A Dataset for Multicopter Fault Detection and Health Assessment

7. Slide-SAM: Medical SAM Meets Sliding Window

8. A Survey on Passing-through Control of Multi-Robot Systems in Cluttered Environments

13. Speed and Density Planning for a Speed-Constrained Robot Swarm Through a Virtual Tube

16. UOD: Universal One-shot Detection of Anatomical Landmarks

17. Unsupervised augmentation optimization for few-shot medical image segmentation

18. An Image Based Visual Servo Method for Probe-and-Drogue Autonomous Aerial Refueling


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