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1. Balanced Resonate-and-Fire Neurons

2. Representation Learning of Multivariate Time Series using Attention and Adversarial Training

3. Loci-Segmented: Improving Scene Segmentation Learning

4. Learning Object Permanence from Videos via Latent Imaginations

5. The Deep Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos Neural Network or how Deep Artificial Neural Networks could benefit from Data-Driven Homogeneous Chaos Theory

7. Inductive biases in deep learning models for weather prediction

10. Efficient LSTM Training with Eligibility Traces

11. A Taxonomy of Recurrent Learning Rules

12. Generating Sparse Counterfactual Explanations For Multivariate Time Series

13. Learning What and Where: Disentangling Location and Identity Tracking Without Supervision

14. Inference of Affordances and Active Motor Control in Simulated Agents

15. Composing Partial Differential Equations with Physics-Aware Neural Networks

17. Early Recognition of Ball Catching Success in Clinical Trials with RNN-Based Predictive Classification

18. Latent Event-Predictive Encodings through Counterfactual Regularization

19. Finite Volume Neural Network: Modeling Subsurface Contaminant Transport


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