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1. Earth (1947): A Testimony of Communal Violence and Fanaticism.

3. Překračování hranic ve filmové trilogii Deepy Mehty.

7. The controversy over 'Fire': a select dossier (Part II).

9. River of Life and Death: Women, Religion, Power and Purity in Water.

10. Meeting Mehta: A Conversation with the Director of 'Water'.

11. The Politics of Melodrama in Deepa Mehta's 'Water'.

14. "An élan of the soul"? Counter-cinema and Deepa Mehta's Water.

15. Experimental Fiction, Film Adaptation, and the case of Midnight's Children: In Defense of Fidelity.

16. Mirror politics: Fire, Hindutva and Indian culture.

17. Young Brides and Non-Resident Indians: Re-Interpreting the East/West. A Sad Story of 'Home' and 'Back Home' in Heaven on Earth, by Deepa Mehta.


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