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3. Gradient Informed Proximal Policy Optimization

4. Collaborative Decision-Making Using Spatiotemporal Graphs in Connected Autonomy

8. MTG: Mapless Trajectory Generator with Traversability Coverage for Outdoor Navigation

12. Towards Driving Policies with Personality: Modeling Behavior and Style in Risky Scenarios via Data Collection in Virtual Reality

13. NeuPhysics: Editable Neural Geometry and Physics from Monocular Videos

14. Differentiable Hybrid Traffic Simulation

15. Traffic-Aware Autonomous Driving with Differentiable Traffic Simulation

16. Differentiable Simulation of Soft Multi-body Systems

18. Voice Aging with Audio-Visual Style Transfer

19. Echo-Reconstruction: Audio-Augmented 3D Scene Reconstruction

20. 3D-MOV: Audio-Visual LSTM Autoencoder for 3D Reconstruction of Multiple Objects from Video


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