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2. To do no harm — and the most good — with AI in health care

3. De novo variants in DENND5B cause a neurodevelopmental disorder

4. Identifying Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Multiple Outcomes using Joint Confidence Intervals

5. A syndromic neurodevelopmental disorder caused by rare variants in PPFIA3

6. Acute respiratory distress syndrome after SARS-CoV-2 infection on young adult population: International observational federated study based on electronic health records through the 4CE consortium

8. Genomics Research with Undiagnosed Children: Ethical Challenges at the Boundaries of Research and Clinical Care

9. Clinical phenotypes and outcomes in children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome across SARS-CoV-2 variant eras: a multinational study from the 4CE consortium

10. Characterization of long COVID temporal sub-phenotypes by distributed representation learning from electronic health record data: a cohort study

11. HNRNPC haploinsufficiency affects alternative splicing of intellectual disability-associated genes and causes a neurodevelopmental disorder

12. De novo missense variants in phosphatidylinositol kinase PIP5KIγ underlie a neurodevelopmental syndrome associated with altered phosphoinositide signaling

13. Potential pitfalls in the use of real-world data for studying long COVID

14. Bi-allelic variants in INTS11 are associated with a complex neurological disorder

16. LUSTR: a new customizable tool for calling genome-wide germline and somatic short tandem repeat variants

17. International comparisons of laboratory values from the 4CE collaborative to predict COVID-19 mortality

18. Unraveling non‐participation in genomic research: A complex interplay of barriers, facilitators, and sociocultural factors

19. H4C5 missense variant leads to a neurodevelopmental phenotype overlapping with Angelman syndrome

20. Dominant‐negative variant in SLC1A4 causes an autosomal dominant epilepsy syndrome


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