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1. Concentration of Equilibria and Relative Instability in Disordered Non-Relaxational Dynamics

2. Youth-Centred Research-Based Model—An Innovative Tool in Youth Work

3. The Ground State Energy and Concentration of Complexity in Spherical Bipartite Models

4. Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos for Gaussian Orthogonal and Symplectic Ensembles

5. Critical Fluctuations for the Spherical Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model in an External Field

10. DIXDC1 contributes to psychiatric susceptibility by regulating dendritic spine and glutamatergic synapse density via GSK3 and Wnt/β-catenin signaling

12. Bempegaldesleukin (BEMPEG; NKTR‐214) efficacy as a single agent and in combination with checkpoint‐inhibitor therapy in mouse models of osteosarcoma

13. Enhancing mobility as a service with autonomous last-mile shuttles and data exchange layer for public transport.

15. Macrophage-based cell therapies: The long and winding road

16. Thermal Behavior of Estonian Graptolite–Argillite from Different Deposits

18. Improving the distribution of Doxil® in the tumor matrix by depletion of tumor hyaluronan


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