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9. Integrated interpretation of helicopter and ground-based geophysical data recorded within the Okavango Delta, Botswana

12. Coupling a SVAT heat and water flow model, a stomatal-photosynthesis model and a crop growth model to simulate energy, water and carbon fluxes in an irrigated maize ecosystem

13. On the relationship between atmospheric circulation patterns, recharge and soil moisture dynamics in Switzerland

14. Experimental study of aortic flow in the ascending aorta via Particle Tracking Velocimetry

15. Management of internationally shared groundwater resources in semiarid and arid regions: the Northern African Aquifer System

16. Hydrological modelling and resource management in the Okavango Delta

17. Determination of recharge patterns by combining remote sensing and the chloride method

18. Time-resolved 3D visualization of air injection in a liquid-saturated refractive-index-matched porous medium

20. Variations of permeability and pore size distribution of porous media with pressure


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