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1. Empowering IoT Applications with Flexible, Energy-Efficient Remote Management of Low-Power Edge Devices

2. Comparative Study of Simulators for Vehicular Networks

3. Reliability Analysis of Monitoring System for Extraterrestrial Habitat using CTMC and Empirical Evaluation

6. A Blended Learning Approach for an Introductory Computer Science Course

8. Machine Learning based Soil VWC and Field Capacity Estimation Using Low Cost Sensors

13. Simulating Opportunistic Networks: Survey and Future Directions

14. Proceedings of the 4th OMNeT++ Community Summit, University of Bremen - Germany, September 7-8, 2017

15. Opportunistic Networking Protocol Simulator for OMNeT++

16. Radio Irregularity Model in OMNeT++

17. Reactive User Behavior and Mobility Models


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