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1. The Effects of Transitions on Access to Higher Education. Issue Brief

4. In the Shadow of Celebrity? World-Class University Policies and Public Value in Higher Education

6. In the Eye of the Beholder? Conceptualizing Academic Attraction in the Global Higher Education Market

7. Disseminating the Right Information to the Right Audience: Cultural Determinants in the Use (and Misuse) of Rankings

8. Different recipes for the same dish: Comparing policies for scientific excellence across different countries.

9. Recenze

10. Reconciling Republican 'Egalite' and Global Excellence Values in French Higher Education

11. Book review: Precipice or Crossroads?: Where America's Great Public Universities Stand and Where They Are Going Midway Through Their Second Century

12. Accreditation in Vietnam's Higher Education System

17. Ten Facts About Internationalising Higher Education Online:The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?


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