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1. Modernizing Product Development Processes : Guide for Engineers

2. Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs

3. Understanding Interaction: The Relationships Between People, Technology, Culture, and the Environment : Volume 1: Evolution, Technology, Language and Culture

4. Artificial Intelligence and Software Testing : Building Systems You Can Trust

5. Agile From First Principles

6. Design Thinking Research : Translation, Prototyping, and Measurement

7. Practical Remote Pair Programming : Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques for Collaborating Productively with Distributed Development Teams

8. The Azure Cloud Native Architecture Mapbook : Explore Microsoft Cloud’s Infrastructure, Application, Data, and Security Architecture

9. Cross-Platform Development with Qt 6 and Modern C++ : Design and Build Applications with Modern Graphical User Interfaces Without Worrying About Platform Dependency

10. Systems Engineering Demystified : A Practitioner's Handbook for Developing Complex Systems Using a Model-based Approach

11. Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook : Become a Pro Power Apps Maker by Applying Practical Use Cases to Solve Ever-evolving Business Challenges

12. Adopting .NET 5 : Understand Modern Architectures, Migration Best Practices, and the New Features in .NET 5

13. The Elements of Computing Systems, Second Edition : Building a Modern Computer From First Principles

14. Python GUI Programming with Tkinter : Design and Build Functional and User-friendly GUI Applications, 2nd Edition

15. Building Low-Code Applications with Mendix : Discover Best Practices and Expert Techniques to Simplify Enterprise Web Development

16. Visual Studio 2019 Tricks and Techniques : A Developer's Guide to Writing Better Code and Maximizing Productivity

17. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations : Deliver Profitable Projects with Effective Project Planning and Productive Operational Workflows

18. Clean Code in Python : Develop Maintainable and Efficient Code, 2nd Edition

19. Application Development with Qt Creator : Build Cross-platform Applications and GUIs Using Qt 5 and C++, 3rd Edition

20. Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia : Proven Solutions to Common Problems in Software Design for Julia 1.x


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