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1. On Central Primitives for Quantum Cryptography with Classical Communication

2. On the Impossibility of General Parallel Fast-forwarding of Hamiltonian Simulation

4. An Automata-based Framework for Verification and Bug Hunting in Quantum Circuits (Technical Report)

5. Best-of-Both-Worlds Multiparty Quantum Computation with Publicly Verifiable Identifiable Abort

6. Online TSP with Predictions

9. A Note on the Post-Quantum Security of (Ring) Signatures

10. Post-Quantum Simulatable Extraction with Minimal Assumptions: Black-Box and Constant-Round

11. Isogeny-based Group Signatures and Accountable Ring Signatures in QROM

12. On the Impossibility of Post-Quantum Black-Box Zero-Knowledge in Constant Rounds

13. Constant-round Blind Classical Verification of Quantum Sampling

14. On the Concurrent Composition of Quantum Zero-Knowledge

15. A Black-Box Approach to Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge in Constant Rounds

16. On the Compressed-Oracle Technique, and Post-Quantum Security of Proofs of Sequential Work

18. On the Hardness of Massively Parallel Computation

19. Classical Verification of Quantum Computations with Efficient Verifier

20. Lower Bounds for Function Inversion with Quantum Advice


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