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1. Polarization-Encoded Lenticular Nano-Printing with Single-Layer Metasurfaces

2. Types of the geodesic motions in Kerr-Sen-AdS$_{4}$ spacetime

3. Thin accretion disks around a black hole in Einstein-Aether-scalar theory

5. Accretion of the Vlasov gas onto a Schwarzschild-like black hole

8. Analysis of the Geodesic Motions of Massive Particles in Kerr–Sen–AdS 4 Spacetime.

10. A low-frequency chip-scale optomechanical oscillator with 58 kHz mechanical stiffening and more than 100th-order stable harmonics.

14. Tunable Optical Forces Enabled by Bilayer van der Waals Materials.

19. Analytic solutions of the geodesic equation for Kerr-Sen-AdS$_{4}$ black holes


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