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1. 50, 100 & 150 YEARS AGO.

3. Hemingway and Akeley: Identity Formation and Hemingway's Naturalist Calling.

4. Technologies of Nature: The Natural History Diorama and the Preserve of Environmental Consciousness.

8. Kingdom Under Glass.

10. The Cinema as Taxidermy: Carl Akeley and the Preservative Obsession.

11. “Gorilla Trails in Paradise”: Carl Akeley, Mary Bradley, and the American Search for the Missing Link.

12. Science in culture: A bigger picture of apes.

13. Akeley's Africa.

14. Books (1992)

16. The Theodore Roosevelt 125th anniversary dinner and the presentation of the Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Service Medal (1984)

17. News and Notes........ (1983)

18. The quality of simplicity (1982)

20. Book notes (1979)


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