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3. Characterization and degradation of elastomeric four-armed star copolymers based on caprolactone and L-lactide

4. Biodegradable elastomers based on ABA triblocks: influence of end-block crystallinity on elastomeric character

5. Triblock copolymers of ε-caprolactone, L-lactide, and trimethylene carbonate: Biodegradability and elastomeric behavior

6. Proton-Conducting Polymers and Membranes Carrying Phosphonic Acid Groups

7. Thermodestruction in the Surface Layer of Poly(vinyl chloride) During Extrusion

8. Kinetics study of the UV-initiated cationic polymerization of cycloaliphatic diepoxide resins

9. The application of thiol-ene reaction on preparing UV curable bismaleimide-containing liquid formulations

10. Novel phosphonated poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole)s : Synthesis in ionic liquid and characterization

13. Étude de la photoréticulation par DPC de deux systèmes TEGAA/photoamorceur et Bis-GAA/photoamorceur / Study of photocuring of TEGAA and bis-GAA/photoinitiator systems by DPC

14. Olefin polymerisation with hafnocenes : A bridged alicyclic alcohol as a ligand and as the hafnocene modifier

16. Poly[(N-acetylimino)ethylene] macromonomers with maleic moieties in the dispersion copolymerization with styrene

17. Synthesis and photocrosslinking of benzyl (meth)acrylate substituted polydimethylsiloxanes: Influence of photoinitiator nature

18. Study of the cationic photopolymerization kinetics of cyclic acetals

19. Polymerization of 2-substituted 2-oxazolines induced by photocationic initiators


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