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1. Analyzing Operator States and the Impact of AI-Enhanced Decision Support in Control Rooms: A Human-in-the-Loop Specialized Reinforcement Learning Framework for Intervention Strategies

2. BASE TTS: Lessons from building a billion-parameter Text-to-Speech model on 100K hours of data

3. Hierarchical Framework for Interpretable and Probabilistic Model-Based Safe Reinforcement Learning

4. Specialized Deep Residual Policy Safe Reinforcement Learning-Based Controller for Complex and Continuous State-Action Spaces

5. Comparing normalizing flows and diffusion models for prosody and acoustic modelling in text-to-speech

6. Controllable Emphasis with zero data for text-to-speech

7. eCat: An End-to-End Model for Multi-Speaker TTS & Many-to-Many Fine-Grained Prosody Transfer

9. Simple and Effective Multi-sentence TTS with Expressive and Coherent Prosody

10. Expressive, Variable, and Controllable Duration Modelling in TTS

11. CopyCat2: A Single Model for Multi-Speaker TTS and Many-to-Many Fine-Grained Prosody Transfer

12. Interpretable Hidden Markov Model-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning Hierarchical Framework for Predictive Maintenance of Turbofan Engines

13. Multi-Scale Spectrogram Modelling for Neural Text-to-Speech

14. A learned conditional prior for the VAE acoustic space of a TTS system

15. Siamese Network Training Using Artificial Triplets By Sampling and Image Transformation

16. Experimental Analysis of Trajectory Control Using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Vehicles

17. Prosodic Representation Learning and Contextual Sampling for Neural Text-to-Speech

18. CAMP: a Two-Stage Approach to Modelling Prosody in Context


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