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Computer vision.

Computer vision is the ability of a computer to recognize and interpret the content of an image. Put more simply, computer vision refers to a computer's ability to "see" the way humans do. Much like human sight, computer vision is a process...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2019. 3p.

1. Computer Vision : Principles, Algorithms, Applications, Learning

2. Computer Vision

11. The Computer Vision Workshop : Develop the Skills You Need to Use Computer Vision Algorithms in Your Own Artificial Intelligence Projects

22. Study of Computer Vision for Manipulators

25. A Survey on Underwater Computer Vision.

35. Object Detection in Images and Videos Using OpenCV: A Comparative Study of Deep Learning and Traditional Computer Vision Techniques

42. Computer Vision Assisted Artificial Intelligence Enabled Smart Traffic Control System for Urban Transportation Management

45. A Study to Automate Workload Assessment Procedure using Computer Vision


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