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21. Predicting and Attending to Damaging Collisions for Placing Everyday Objects in Photo-Realistic Simulations

24. Alleviating the Burden of Labeling: Sentence Generation by Attention Branch Encoder-Decoder Network

25. Reliable Probability Forecast of Solar Flares: Deep Flare Net-Reliable (DeFN-R)

26. A Multimodal Target-Source Classifier with Attention Branches to Understand Ambiguous Instructions for Fetching Daily Objects

27. Multimodal Attention Branch Network for Perspective-Free Sentence Generation

28. Understanding Natural Language Instructions for Fetching Daily Objects Using GAN-Based Multimodal Target-Source Classification

32. A Multimodal Classifier Generative Adversarial Network for Carry and Place Tasks from Ambiguous Language Instructions

33. SuMo-SS: Submodular Optimization Sensor Scattering for Deploying Sensor Networks by Drones

34. Deep Flare Net (DeFN) model for solar flare prediction

35. Grounded Language Understanding for Manipulation Instructions Using GAN-Based Classification


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