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13. A catalogue of valuable books, in different languages and faculties, which will begin to be sold, by way of sale, at the shop of William Gordon, bookseller in the Parliament Close, Edinburgh, on Monday the 5th day of April, 1762. The lowest price for ready money is marked at each article in the catalogue. In this collection are the following books. Folio. Universal hist from the earliest account of time, 9 vols. Savary's dictionary of trade and commerce, 2 vols, Chamber's dictionary of arts and sciences, 2 vols. Compleat system of geography, 2 vols, Harris's voyag. and trav. 2 vols Sir William Temple's works, 2 v. Locke's works, 3 vols, Lord Clarendon's history and life, 2 vols, Gordon's journey through Scot. Mackenzie's lives of Scots writers, 3 vols Nisbet's heraldry Douglas virgil Sir George Mackenzie's works 2 vols Mr. Macdowal's institutes of the law, 3 vols Craigii jus Fendale, curante baillie Miller's gardener's dict. 2 vols Tillotson's works, 3 vols Whitby's commentary, 2 vols Regiam majestatem Carte's hist. of England, 4 vols St. Martine's stiles Senex's atlas Calmet's dict. of the Bible, 3 vols Johnson's English dict. 2 vols Buchanani opera, 2 vols Scot's history of Scotland quarto. Ainsworth's Lat. and Eng. dictionary, 2 vols. Littleton's dictionary Boyer's royal dictionary Altieri's Ital. and Eng. dict. 2 vols Hooke's Roman history, 2 vols Davila's hist. of France, 2 vols Home's hist of Britain, 6 vols Philos. transact. abridg. 9 vols Gravesend's nat. philosoph. 2 vols. Oxford Bible Buchanan's hist. of the clans Stewart's hist. of the Stewarts Oeuvres de Hor. par Dacier, 4 vols Juvenal notis variorum catalogues to be had at the shop of W. Gordon [electronic resource]. [1762]


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